Lance Dean

Shadows in the Glass –

every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Careful to keep it from spilling, Larry peeled back the newsprint to reveal the treasure. At first his brain couldn’t process what he was seeing. There was a gray gelatinous substance that looked like congealed gravy. The gravy had frozen into strange shapes, following the ornate symmetry of the bizarre serving dish.

Then Larry realized what he was looking at. He involuntarily let out a cry and sprang to his feet, dropping the package. It was a cross section of an animal’s head. Cleanly cut through the bone and brain, leaving half of the skull intact, face down in the paper.

Larry’s tailbone introduced itself to the side of the canister with a dull thud. Larry rested there, gasping in the fetid air. Shaking like a leaf.

In this psychological slipstream thriller set in Arizona, Inspector Lisa Doe and Benjamin Fein investigate a series of brutal murders, chasing down two killers locked in a dance of ever escalating violence.

When Lisa digs into the murders she uncovers signs that the two killers may be connected.

Consider this a trigger warning. This book intends to shock and provoke and scare you spitless. There is violence, kidnapping, death. There are fountains of blood, mutilated bodies, and dark realities.

Also some strong language, a handful of F-bombs. But no sex scenes.

My personal promise to you dear reader is to keep giving you a reason to turn the page. The characters will deepen and grow. The stakes will continually escalate. The story goes somewhere.

I hope you enjoy.

I write mystery, horror, and science fiction and will post about any upcoming publications. I will also post about music, audio engineering, traveling the world, and other life experiences.

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